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Scottish Credit Union Charter 2016

In 2016, as we looked towards the Scottish Parliament elections, ABCUL Scotland's Policy Panel - made up of representatives of credit unions across Scotland - developed a 'Credit Union Charter', which set out the areas in which we feel the Scottish Government could best support credit unions:

We call on all Members elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2016 to help make Scotland a Credit Union Nation by:

  • Encouraging all employers to partner with credit unions to make saving and repaying loans via payroll deduction a standard workplace benefit for people across Scotland

  • Improving financial health by encouraging regular saving and responsible borrowing

  • Establishing a credit union champion in every primary and secondary school across Scotland who will lead that school’s partnership with a local credit union and facilitate pupils’ involvement

  • Advocating the teaching of credit union and co-operative models in schools, colleges and universities

  • Supporting the capacity of credit unions to provide an ethical alternative as part of a sustainable, responsible financial services sector

  • Promoting credit unions as providers of affordable credit for people from all walks of life.

ABCUL worked closely with all of Scotland's political parties and candidates before the election to raise awareness of the charter. We kicked off our campaign with an event in Parliament, which saw 43 (existing) MSPs, from all 5 of the main parties, sign up.

With the support of our members, we also reached to to candidates across the country and, on the eve of the election, had over 150 commit to supporting our charter. A large number of those were subsequently elected, and are now supporting credit unions in Parliament.

We also engaged with all the main parties in relation to their manifestos, and saw almost all of them set out commitments to credit unions. We continue to engage with members of all parties and Governments to promote the sector. Do let us know if you have any questions about our current work by contacting Karen Hurst, Policy Officer -