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Credit unions in Scotland

Did you know that 1 in 20 people in Scotland is a member of a credit union?

There are 113 credit unions in Scotland serving over 250,000 people

In Scottish credit unions there is £200m in savings and £170m out on loan. 

Almost all Scots are currently eligible to join a credit union and get access to an extensive range of services including current account life savings insurance, cash ISAs and even mortgages.

In recognition of the strength of the movement in Scotland and the role credit unions play in offering safe savings, affordable credit and a wide range of financial services to people in communities up and down the country, past and present Scottish Executives have been keen to support the development and growth of credit unions.

Most recently, Scottish credit unions received a total of more than £1.3m from the Scottish Government's Third Sector Enterprise Fund. This investment will help credit unions upgrade their facilities, extend their services to a wider range of people, and continue to develop and grow as thriving social enterprises offering a real local, ethical and co-operative alternative to the banks.

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