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96% of members say Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union are responsible lenders


18 Apr 19

Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union (HEYCU) has shared the overwhelming results from its recent ‘Member Satisfaction Survey’.

HEYCU conduct annual surveys to understand their members’ needs, and results from the latest survey showed that 94% of HEYCU members believe their loans are good value for money, while 88% of members believe that loans are processed quickly.

“As credit unions we’re owned by our community – so we need to have a dialogue with our community,” says CEO of HEYCU, John Smith.

John added: "Having direct input from our members is absolutely essential to finding out what we do well, and where we can improve. This is what sets credit unions apart from the high-street banks and corporate lenders, and is something that needs to be celebrated.”

Credit unions strive to improve the financial wellbeing of members and the fact that 96% of HEYCU members recommend HEYCU as a responsible lender supports this. Commenting on this result, John said: “Those of us who work in the credit union movement know that too many people are excluded from fair and affordable credit options.

“One of our goals as a credit union is to offer a genuine alternative to the high-cost lenders out there. The fact that our members regard us as responsible suggests we’re doing our job, first and foremost.”

Looking ahead to the future, HEYCU will celebrate a significant milestone this year - its 20th anniversary. Currently serving 15,000 members with over £10m in savings and a loan book some 33% higher than a year ago, John states that “we aim to continue working hard to improve the financial wellbeing of even more people throughout the region we serve - Hull, East Yorkshire, and Northern Lincolnshire for many years to come.”

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